Happy Belly Ranch

Welcome to our online boutique butcher shop! Here at Happy Belly Ranch we are very passionate about good quality clean meats combined with great flavors, textures and quality non GMO ingredients. We are hard core foodies and we believe in making our food products by hand with love, passion and dedication. We don’t believe in high volume food processing, but rather in making small fresh batches of meat products with good consistency, texture, and flavors. We will not offer a product that we don’t believe in and which we will not put on our own table for personal consumption and culinary pleasure.

Our wild boar meat

We trap our wild boar on the ranch and surrounding areas plus we have our free range hogs on the ranch as well, so rest assured the animals are 100% ecofriendly and free roaming. We treat the animals in the most humane possible way. All of our meat processing is done under USDA inspection and we do have always an USDA inspector on site. Once the wild boar carcasses are processed then we age our meat for at least 5 days in order to make sure that the natural flavors are enhanced through the process of water evaporation and the meat enzymes are braking down the tissue further in order to deliver more tender meat. That is correct, we are selling you real meat with reduced water content! We treat the meat and the process like we would do it for our own consumptions with love and up to high standards, this is why we back up our quality products 100% and this is why it takes longer time to prepare a high quality product. All the remaining ingredients which we use in the final product are non GMO / Organic and we strive to get best possible natural ingredients in order to complement our 100% natural meat quality. Once the product is finished it is carefully hand packed and vacuum sealed for fast freezing with commercial grade kitchen equipment in order to safeguard the finest quality of our products so that they are ready to be shipped to you with the best possible food characteristics as possible. We are not your traditional facility food processing plant or bulk grocery store, but rather a boutique butcher shop where we do few animals per week and our product is fresh to order. Once we have the orders we process fresh, age, freeze and prepare products to ship. We can guarantee you fresh product, prepared in small batches, all done manually where our main product is real meat hormone and antibiotics free, no artificial additives, food colors or grain fillers, and not mixed with domestic pork to maximize profits.

We want quality not quantity!

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Chef Romanchik: Founder

Chef and foody.
Favorite protein: fresh wild boar
Favorite cuisine: French

Sed ut perspiciatis unde Happy Belly Ranch was founded and inspired by Chef Romanchik and his ultimate fascination and appreciation of the wild boar natural meat flavors. Chef Romanchik holds Elite Diplome in Culinary Arts Summa Cum Laude from Americas #1 Culinary Institute Le’Notre. Chef Romanchik has always had a great passion for good exquisite foods, and after 20 years in the Oil & Gas transportation business as a top executive he decided to dedicate his entire time and efforts into his passion: the culinary world. Chef Romanchik along with his lovely wife and food critique Anastasia Zhekov have travelled the world and engaged into many foodies trips and culinary adventures, starting from the national cuisines of Russia and Bulgaria, through the flavors of continental North America, remote Asia and South America and all the way to the elite of European culinary master pieces in Holland, Germany and France while perusing the highest rated 3 Michelin stars restaurants out there. Chef Romanchik is also the founders of the exclusive Romanchik Chef Club Kabanchik (facebook), where he prepares and serves complimentary exquisite 7 course meals for handpicked special guests and friends in order to share and enjoy the great passion for wonderful tastes and flavors in the international cuisines. We love food, we are passionate about it and we want to share the same with all of our patrons, friends, supporters and foodies around the world. Thank you for visiting our domain, and Bon Appetit!

Anastasia Zhekov

PR/Marketing, food critique and hard core foody. Passionate about great food, tastes, flavors and always ready to share culinary adventures.

Ron Leslie

Food Manager and Processing. Born and raised in Illinois, with over 24 years’ experience in the food industry as Fresh Market Merchandising Manager in Sam’s Club. Loves processing meat and passionate about making great homemade quality meat products.

Gene Lilly

Ranch Manager and passionate outdoorsman with over 35 years of experience in field farm management. Loves summer sausage Burkeville style and Dr. Pepper.

Philip Ivanov

Website and E-commerce Manager. With over 20 years of experience in Graphic design and E-commerce where he provides web-support and keeps our internet food domain nice, organized and tidy. Loves fresh good quality sausages and red wine.


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